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Ron Brewster

Trucking General Manager - Western Region

Ron Brewster is the Trucking General Manager of our Western Region at TP Trucking & Logistics. He started with us in May of 2021 but has been around trucks and trucking his entire adult life. Ron started changing truck tires as an 18-year-old and started driving truck the next year. While he has driven and owned trucks for many years, about 15 years ago he went to work as a company driver and quickly moved into dispatch and driver manager roles. Soon Ron found a niche in recruiting and training.

Over the last decade, Ron has filled many roles in medium to large carriers and loves the challenges in trucking. He never wakes up wondering what he is going to do, every day presents new challenges and obstacles keeping the job interesting and fun!

Ron is married to Rachel, an amazing woman who is also in the trucking industry. He has one older son, Branson, from a previous marriage. Rachel and he have a 16-month-old daughter, Grace, and are expecting their second daughter, Georgia, in early April 2022. Ron and his family enjoy boating and lake life. He also races modified dirt cars frequently up and down the west coast.

  • Fun Facts: Ron has been racing Circle Track dirt cars since he was 15-years-old. He attended basic training for the Army as a junior in high school and was called into the delayed entry program. Much like Forrest Gump, Ron was born severely pigeon-toed. After several surgeries and breaking rebreaking his legs, he wore shoes and braces just like Forrest Gump. Some may not find this a fun fact but he certainly does!
  • Favorite Things: Ron absolutely loves spending time with his family on the lake, at the beach, or where ever life takes them. He has a love/hate relationship with racing dirt cars and loves riding snowmobiles. Ron loves golfing and hopes to take this sport up again soon.

Tami Chesnut

Logistics Manager

Tami joined the TP Trucking & Logistics team in August of 2020 after working five years in supply chain and logistics for a forest products company. Prior to that, she worked in the trucking tech industry in sales and technical support. Tami’s goal is to continue to build a winning team that will allow TP Trucking & Logistics to offer the best possible service to clients.

  • Favorite Things: A few of Tami's favorite things include her grandchildren, golf, and her dog Finnegan, in that order!

Tom Gennarelli

Vice President of TP Trucking & Logistics

Thomas is the Vice President of TP Trucking & Logistics and was raised in Bayshore, NY. He has his MBA from Willamette University and a Bachelor’s Degree from St. John’s University. Tom started at TP in 2019 and has extensive experience in logistics and supply chain.

Prior to his time with TP, Tom worked as the Director of Supply Chain and National Accounts at Roseburg Forest Products. He was the Director of Logistics North America at Wererhauser, spent time at UPS, Airborn Express, and worked in an armored car for Brinks and Loomis Fargo.

  • Fun Facts: Hiked three majors in same year: Mount Rainer (Base Camp), St. Helens & South Sister.
  • Favorite Things: Running, hiking & golfing

Tiffani Livingston


Tiffani Livingston has been a Recruiter with TP Trucking & Logistics since November 2020. Tiffani believes providing drivers with an opportunity to change their lives is most rewarding. In addition to recruiting, she is the acting Human Resources Specialist for the Eastern Region. This position brings a sense of happiness to Tiffani as she enjoys helping others. Tiffani is also prior Military. Go Army!

  • Fun Facts: Tiffani collects souvenir spoons and magnets. While stationed in Germany, she was able to send a holiday greeting to her family in Florida via a local new station.
  • Favorite Things: Tiffani enjoys reading paperback books, cooking, and spending time with family.

Laurie Miller

Mid West Recruiter

Laurie Miller began her career at TP Trucking & Logistics as the Mid West Recruiter in June of 2021. She currently resides in Greenville, PA, and has spent 21 years working in the flatbed industry with a primary focus on metal coils/commodities. She lives in what many call the “Rust Belt.”

  • Fun Facts: Laurie can sing/list all the states in alphabetical order and was destined to be in trucking. When Laurie was 5 she drove her dad's pickup into the neighbor's house, knocking off their porch. From that day forward her dad's friends all called her “little truck driver.” She is the proud owner of a 1978 Ford F150 on a 10-inch lift and 35 inch tires. Laurie’s husband bought this truck for her and she named her Penelope.
  • Favorite Things: Laurie loves going to the Smoky Mountains on vacation. She loves it so much she was actually married in Gatlinburg. Laurie is blessed to have friends and family that love the same activities as she and her husband, so they spend time going camping, trail riding, and riding motorcycles. Recently her family was blessed with three grandsons, which she adores and loves spending time with.

Sheri Tarr

Sales Manager

George Wood

Driver Manager

George Wood, Driver Manager, came to work at TP Trucking & Logistics in 2009. He was born and raised in Central Point, Oregon. George is a firm believer in being safe and doing things the right way, even if it takes just a little more energy. He had the honor of being named Safety Professional of the Year by the Oregon Trucking Association in 2018. In his spare time, George is an amateur woodworker and an Australian Shepherd owner.

  • Fun Facts: George has been playing/operating trucks and heavy equipment since 1978. He ran 51 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail on his 51st birthday. George’s ideal vacation spot is a campsite on East Lake in Central Oregon.
  • Favorite Things: If George is not building cabinets or furniture in his shop, he enjoys being in the great outdoors running, hiking, camping, kayaking or paddle boarding with family, friends or even just his dogs.